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Genuine Classic Fresco Techniques is our specialty.

  • Buon (true) Fresco
  • Secco Fresco
  • Faux Fresco.

We create frescoes as

  • Full scale walls and ceilings
  • Movable panels
  • Decorative True Fresco Fragments

iLia Anossov is one of the very few fresco masters now living in the USA. iLia is the founder of the Fresco School and Contemporary Fresco Painting resource Center at TrueFresco.com. He is a speaker and a judge for a prestigious Fauxcademy Awards. "Albuquerque Fresco" by iLia Anossov is the largest contemporary buon fresco in Western USA.


Classic Trompe L'Oeil Murals

  • walls

  • ceilings

  • exterior murals

Murals are painted on site  or in studio, on canvas (this traditional mural painting method allows for convenient, in-studio, painting as well as the easy and safe way to relocate the mural if it becomes necessary. This method also allows us to offer same low rates for out-of-town mural projects). We use only artistic grade acrylic or oil paints of the finest quality.


I LA DESIGNS offers variety of solutions to cost effective enhancements of space and objects (including furniture) through Classic Architectural and Ornamental Trompe L'Oeil.

  • beams
  • niches
  • medallions
  • friezes
  • ceilings
  • moldings
  • etc.


i LA DESIGNS is serving Event and Film/Television Production Industry for over a decade. We are known for our Trompe L'Oeil Frescoes and Chinoiseries for Academy Awards Governors Balls as well as custom backdrops, decor elements, renderings.

Our Hand Painted Fabrics and Silks are often used by Interior Designers as:

  • Draperies
  • Canopies
  • Lampshades
  • shoji screens
  • Classic Freestanding and Fixed Room Dividers
  • Furniture Inserts


Quality Artist Renderings are the foundation for successful presentation of any creative project - Picture worth a thousand words!

  • Event Renderings
  • Interior Design & Architectural Renderings
  • Landscape Design Renderings
  • Stage & Costume Renderings
  • Specialty Renderings


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