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A mural can promote a chosen mood, inducing relaxation or, through a surrealistic scheme or distorted perspective, create an electric atmosphere. Murals can inform, or create an illusion, transporting the spirit wherever it cares to travel - from a tropical island to a Roman spa - giving expression to our dreams and fantasies.

Trompe L'Oeil is an organic part of the classic mural painting technique. Trompe L'Oeil details are used in the majority of our murals creating "full-the-eye" appearance of depth, space and texture.

i LA DESIGNS murals are painted on canvas using acrylic or oil paints of the finest quality and installed at location. This traditional mural painting method allows for convenient, in-studio, painting as well as the easy and safe way to relocate the mural if it becomes necessary. This method also allows us to offer same low rates for out-of-town mural projects. (If the project requires painting directly on the wall or ceiling we offer scaffolding service).

i LA DESIGNS murals grace public spaces from Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to Gladstone's Restaurant in Malibu as well as private residencies from Coast to Coast.

Trompe L'Oeil Murals enhance the illusion of depth and erase transition between real and painted worlds. As a stand along element, Trompe L'Oeil alters the appearance of architectural features and real objects adding depth, relief, ornamentation to otherwise flat surfaces. Most popular areas of architectural and ornamental Trompe L'Oeil are beams, niches, medallions, friezes, ceilings, wall perimeters and such. Please view corresponding section of our site for the examples of architectural and ornamental Trompe L'Oeil.

Steps in Creating a Mural:

1. Composition Development - initial BW rendering/drawing is produced for the patron for the initial approval of the composition and to personalize the elements of the mural. When all elements of the mural become clear to both parties, final detailed rendering and/or scaled color study is developed and delivered to the patron for the Final Rendering Approval.

2. Painting - after the final rendering is approved by the patron we begin painting of the commissioned mural. There will be two (initial and final) scheduled in-studio client screenings during the painting.

Initial Screening - after the initial values of the mural (background, composition and inderpainting/layout of the details) have been established/painted client is invited to the studio to confirm the overall tonality, color scheme and layout of main elements. At this stage secondary changes and adjustments can be proposed/requested by the patron. (for out-of-town projects we use high quality professional photographs that are sent via FedEx)

Final Screening - before "final touches" are applied to the mural client is invited to the studio for the Final Screening at this stage mural is considered as completed. (for out-of-town projects we use high quality professional photographs that are sent via FedEx)

3. Installation (for murals painted offsite) - our studio offers professional installation, "hanging" of the Mural (if painted offsite on our non-woven canvas). Installation is an optional service, the cost of the installation is appears as a separate/optional charge in our estimate.  For out-of-town projects it is more cost efficient to engage a local professional wallpaper hanging company - our studio will "walk them through the specifics" at no additional charge.

I LA Design Services offers competitive pricing, European training of our lead artists allows us to maintain our rates at 10-20% below the average market standard.


He transformed a thirty-foot wall into a living display of beauty that will outlast most of the art and architecture of the Southwest. He is a creative genius and works with a wonderful team..."
A. B., Emmy Award Winning Documentary Producer (Best Public Affairs) ABTV


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